Special Edition For Turkey Day.

Most of us celebrate Thanksgiving in one form or another, that is either with a lot of wine or with none at all. If you’re in the latter category this post isn’t going to help you one bit. But for those of you that relish the thought of good wine with good turkey here are some of my favorites. I have found that all of these wines go well with the traditional turkey dinner and all the trimmings.

My sister-in-law and brother-in-law host the most magnificent turkey dinner on earth. Wine was made for their dinner table amidst ample appetizers, homemade soups (I’m a chicken noodle from the can kind of guy) but my brother-in-law can make some pretty interesting soups that even I can be persuaded to try and they’re usually real good, along with an assortment of breads, and numerous delectable desserts. They conduct the Thanksgiving dinner around a special theme of which we are not privy to until the precise moment.

The most memorable one was a 60’s theme where everyone came as hippies, flower children, and rock stars except for the turkey day hosts who masqueraded as the parents of the hippies, flower children, and rock stars – ingenious comes to mind. Who would of thought to come as the parents. It is one of the most memorable days of the year where when it’s over you can say “yeah, I was there”. So, without further ado, this post is dedicated to family for without them we are lost souls – I’m fortunate to have a soul.

If you don’t mind sharing, post your favorite/ideal turkey dinner and let’s compare notes. Maybe we could create the ultimate turkey meal with a combination of everyone’s favorites.

Okay, on with the favorite wines for Thanksgiving…

Sharpe Hill 2004 Vineyard Reserve Chardonnay. A rich golden color is the opening act for pear, cantaloupe, and honeydew melon aromas leading to apricot and nectarine flavors leaving a delicate buttery and mineral finish. $18.99 and a 90 rating.

Chateau Souverain 2002 Russian River Valley Pinot Noir. Mixed berry aroma and a hint of spice on the nose with raspberry and black cherry flavors and a smooth delicate finish. $25.00, 91 rating. Although this is pricey I believe you will find most Pinot Noirs to be that way.

David Bruce 2007 Russian River Valley Pinot Noir. Very similar to the above wine but a $30 price tag, 91 rating.

Stephen Vincent 2006 Pinot Noir. Mixed berry notes on the nose with cherry and raspberry flavors with a hint of mocha. $19.99, 88 rating.

Concha Y Toro 2005 Casillero del Diablo Carmenere. Chocolate and coffee aromas lead to intense spice, raspberry and cassis flavors. A nice mocha and spice finish. $8.99, 89 rating (yes, Cousin Carl & Sparing Sharon- this is for you).

Cline Cellars 2007 Sonoma Coast Pinot Gris. A floral aroma gives way to pear and apple flavors with a peachy finish. $12.00, 87 rating (this is for Jacuzzi Jack).

Here’s a bonus wine for the happy turkey day festivities.

14 Hands 2008 Hot To Trot Red Blend. This wine exhibits mulberry, blackberry, and earthy aromas gracefully yielding to black cherry and clove flavors with a smooth mocha finish. $9.00, 89 rating. An excellent low priced red (for Mike’s Cellar Emporium).

Enjoy your day with family and friends so we all can keep our souls close to us.

Here’s to good wine, good food, and good friends…