When Was The Last Time You’ve Seen This Much Snow?

For those of us that live in the Northeast know what a “Nor’easter is; for those of you that have never experienced one well you’re in for a treat. If you think Atlanta was having one heck of a storm you should see the Northeast. I haven’t seen a Nor’easter like this since I was a kid growing up in Thompsonville. Back then the snow was so deep that it came up to my shoulders. Although I’m a bit older and slightly taller it still reached my knees and my son, my wife and I were out cleaning up the snow. I got to clean off the vehicles as that’s all my wife will let me do. We do have someone come and plow the driveway but that does not help out with the sidewalk and a path to the rubbish barrels. And of course the proverbial igloo and snowman (even in memory if not the real thing) had to be created too. We all have a little kid in us

A record snowfall according to the measurements at Bradley Field (you do remember when it was called a field and not an international airport?) at 22.5 inches of snow. Storm Benedict brings new meaning to the phrase “The Big Dig”. I can’t recall seeing this much snow in one storm ever and according to the news channels this is the biggest Nor’easter we’ve ever seen. The number one storm for total snowfall in a twenty-four period.

We’re all glad we just stayed home and watched a few movies and made a great lunch. But if I remember back then we never canceled school for this much snow. As a walker (do they have walkers anymore?) we always went to school, maybe the buses didn’t run but we always had to walk. And the cars never seem to get as stuck in the snow as the ones today do, even with 4-wheel drive. I do know that the cars were much heavier back then. Of course I had a Volkswagen Beetle back then and it went through any kind of snow. Ah, those were the days…another story perhaps?

Okay, we made the following meal before tackling the outdoor elements: baked ham with mashed potatoes, spinach and carrots for the veggie dish. We also had a Romaine salad with red pepper, black olives, red onion, and grape tomatoes.

Here’s the wine we had with the meal:

Blackstone Winery 2008 Monterey County Sauvignon Blanc. Lemongrass and herbal notes on the nose followed by crisp citrus and melon nuances on the palate. The silky slight mineral finish also had a hint of apricot. A very decent wine at $9.99, 85 rating.

Here’s to good wine, good food, and good friends…