The 14th of February

Most of you know what today is and unless you live under a rock – Happy Valentine’s Day to all. Hope any plans you have for the evening are all you expected. But the real reason I’m sending this off isn’t about Valentine’s Day but about things you are passionate about. And those of you that really know me know that I love wine. I love to read about wine, talk about wine, smell wine, drink wine, visit wineries to drink and smell their wines, just about anything to do with wine is what I love to do.

Anyway, I’ve babbled enough and I want to let you know of a few other wine blogs I have come across that may whet your appetite for the delectable grape. They’re not professional but they could be.

The first one is called Pull That Cork where you can get wine reviews that are distinct and from the heart. You can even put in your “two cents” worth with your own comments. Based in California where there are a plethora of vineyards to choose from you receive great reviews on wines, some of which I haven’t even tried yet. Nancy & Peter make  “views on wine more fun”.

Next, is Swirl, Sip, Snark. This site gives you a no-holds barred review of Virginia wines where they give good and bad reviews of wines they taste. They profess that their site is “sort of a cross between a serious wine blog and a vaudeville act” and they live up to it.

And the last one I like is Wine Peeps. This wine blog is comprehensive and their passion focuses on Washington State wines. This site has a wealth of information. I check there often to see if I’ve missed anything.

If you’re on the Wit Is Out homepage you can access these wine blogs on the “Wit” Links. Don’t forget to subscribe to them as they’re really good. Have a great Valentine’s Day.

Oh, I almost forgot. Let’s review a couple of wines for this evening’s festivities.

Cline Cellars 2008 Los Carneros Viognier. Peach and apricot aromas with a hint of honey immediately hit the nose. Apricot, apricot, and apricot on the palate. Either my palate was “off” or this was all I got. $19.99, 84 rating. Had this with a spicy hot vegetarian chili that my wife made (actually I added a bunch – remember my definition of bunch? of hot sauce to the chili) and it was pretty good.

St Francis 2006 Behler Sonoma County Merlot. Black cherry, clove, tar, and bacon aromas with black currant and mocha flavors hit the palate with a hint of blueberry and boysenberry. Had this as a stand-alone wine. $22, 88 rating.