Jacuzzi 2009 Sonoma Coast Sangiovese

This wine reminded me of the homemade wine my Grandfather used to make in the cellar and he used to give us some in a jelly glass with our Sunday supper. Of course all I could remember back then was it smelled funny and tasted like a cough drop but I enjoyed it all the same ‘cos I got to spend time with Pop (everyone called him that).

On the nose I got dark berries, tar and pepper. The palate found flavors of black cherry, black currant and a subtle raspberry finish. This very well could have been one of Pop’s creations. I actually thought this would not be as good as it was for being such a young wine – I’m hoping this cellars really well. $22, with an average value for the price.



On the second night with a dish of baked rigatoni this wine really popped both in the aroma and flavor. I’m thinking it was the extra day of decanting however I won’t get a chance to go it a third time as the bottle is now empty and if it cellars well for ten years it may even move up to a higher rating.

A new story is coming…