The Riddle

English thriller (2007).

When Sadie, a pub owner, finds a hidden unpublished manuscript in her basement penned by Charles Dickens she is mysteriously murdered in a string of seemingly, unrelated, recent deaths in the same area. A journalist, one of Sadie’s dedicated revelers of drink, investigates her death and begins to piece together a plot (what plot you say, ah, you know I can’t reveal that here, watch the movie) behind the murders. He gets help from his new cop girlfriend in unraveling “The Riddle”.  Add a box of Jujubes, and a box of Dots.

You’ll want a sipping wine, likely a Port, for this movie as you will be on the edge of your seat the whole time. Pick any Port or sipping wine you’d like. I’ll go with the 2003 Rodney Strong A True Gentleman’s Port.