Tres Picos 2008 Borsao Garnacha


The story begins with the opening scene:

Awakening the senses to the aroma of a great wine is just the beginning of the whole wine experience where your inner abilities instinctively take over for any misgivings about what you thought you just smelled and tasted.  This scenario rolls over in your mind from time to time when you open a bottle of wine that you have cellared for some time – ten years to be exact when the winery released 496 cases in 1999 and as I was a wine club member I received an entire case of the delectable juice for my drinking pleasure…

Sit back and relax as we intend to entertain you with “stories” from time to time while some of it is fiction and some isn’t. And while you’re relaxing enjoy the following wine. The Tres Picos 2008 Borsao Garnacha opens with plum, blackberry and fig on the nose with blackberry and cassis flavors with a mocha and pepper finish. A bit of a different combination but it seemed to work okay. Try this with a beef stew (1-1 1/2 lb) cooked in the crock pot with carrots (5-6), potatoes (3 medium), celery (5-6 stalks) (add this later, like as soon as you get home as they tend to get mushy if you put them in too soon or don’t add them at all – your choice) and a small can of tomato paste and cover with water, oh and don’t forget to sprinkle in some spices too. When you get home dinner is ready, pour the wine and enjoy the rest of the day relaxing. $13.99 and an average buy as I have had other Garnacha that were as good but cost a few bucks less.