Bota Box 2010 Lodi Malbec

I have pledged that I would never drink wine from a box and until this point I never have as most of you know how I feel about the cork and the wine experience in general. I know of a few oenophiles that are going to jump on me for this one but here goes.

Of course I’m so used to opening a bottle of wine utilizing one of six or seven different cork screws, I was relegated to search the box contents for directions on the “how to” to open this strange looking rectangular object sitting on my counter called Bota Box. Well, it didn’t take a rocket scientist to follow the simple directions and in no time I was ready to experience my undertaking of “wine in a box”. Just for your information, Bota Box is part of DFV Wines and their tasting room information is at the bottom of their website.

So, once the box was ready for the “pouring”, I calmly, yet excitedly poured my first glass ever of the delectable juice from a box. On the nose I found mostly blackberry with nuances of espresso bean and plum. On the palate I found blackberry and raspberry that co-mingled quite nicely with neither flavor overpowering the other. Best part of this wine was the $19.99 price tag. Each box contains the equivalent of four 750 ml bottles of wine so it is an excellent buy at a 5 cork value. Wine in a box has some advantages such as camping trips or outside BBQ’s so box wine does have some merit. Another unique aspect of box wine is the length of time before it spoils as the producers guarantee freshness up to one month after opening.

Okay, who else will admit they drink from a box???