Paradise Hills Vineyard & Winery

The tasting room reminded me more of a Spanish style abode than what I’m used to seeing in New England but nonetheless an inviting place to be. Just outside the tasting room and to the right of the parking lot the vineyards beckoned to be viewed, alas with a glass of wine in hand to stroll among the vines enjoying the afternoon.

Paradise Hills charges $6 for the tasting fee and you can purchase their signature wine glass for $5. They also had farm fresh eggs to purchase which is a first for me to see but thought it quite practical seeing as many of the CT wineries were farms before becoming wineries.

Inside the tasting room there was ample room around the wine bar which was a copper hammered top (sorry I didn’t get a picture of this) but seemed to fit the fairly modern decor. In addition to the wine bar there were a number of tables and chairs if you wanted to sit while tasting the wines.

Here are the wines I tasted and was told by the sommelier that they produced their wine Bordeaux style. Sorry for not providing prices.

Washington Trail White: A blend of Chardonnay and Seyval Blanc grapes had apple and citrus notes on the nose with apple and mineral flavors. Too much minerality for me.

Chardonnay: Pear and floral notes opened on the nose in perfect harmony and the flavors were of pear and apple with a buttery finish. There are times I really prefer a buttery Chardonnay and this certainly fit the bill.

For the red wine they provided another wine glass with a larger bowl.

Washington Trail Red: This blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and Chambourcin had black cherry, raspberry, and mocha notes on the nose. Much the same followed on the palate but an added pepper finish rounded out this wine which was very good.

It ended with their dessert wine.

Vino Bianco del Paridiso: Oat, banana, and apricot on the nose with nectarine and peach flavors with a sweet aftertaste but not sugary so it was very pleasant.