Chocolate Shop

Not sure what to get your sweetheart on Valentine’s Day. You’re tired of getting the usual stuff so you’ve decided to break away from the proverbial box of chocolates, flowers, or the cuddly bear that gathers dust.

Well, why not surprise her with a bottle from the Chocolate Shop, no not a candy shoppe but the wine from Walla Walla, WA. This red wine is a ruby color and upon opening the bottle you get an explosion of chocolate on the nose and mixed in is a bit of red cherry too. So this is almost like a box of chocolates.

On the palate the chocolate flavor continues as well as the red cherry but this is a bit sweet so I would view this as a dessert wine more so than a wine to have with a meal. It’s perfect for an after dinner drink by the fireside cuddled up with your favorite someone.

Well, what did you get your sweetie this year? I gave my wife her favorite sparkling Prosecco. Gee, she also had the Chocolate Shop – some people have all the fun…