Pillar Box Red, 2008

This 2008 red blend of 66% Shiraz, 25% Cabernet Sauvignon, and 9% Merlot starts with black cherry, fig, smoke, and bacon with hints of leather and earth on the nose. On the palate I found black cherry, anise, plum, and pepper with a bit of a eucalyptus finish. I paired this with angel hair primavera and it was okay, nothing outstanding, however given my description of the aromas and flavors of this wine one would think this was a decent wine for the price ($10.99) but this did not sit very well on my back palate.

I had this stand alone the next day and the aromas and flavors waned quite a bit and was kind of flat, no get up and go, so to speak. So, I’m thinking this is a wine you need to open and finish in one sitting. This may go better with red meats than it was with the angel hair primavera, but I’ll let you experiment with this as this isn’t on my “favorites” list. I’m having a tough time with Australian wines. Sooner or later I’ll come across some good ones.