Inspector Bellamy

Foreign film – French (2009).

Gerard Depardieu plays Inspector Paul Bellamy in this Claud Chabrol film and it focuses more on the character than it does the murder, or should I say, alleged murder. Francoise (Marie Bunel) does an incredible job as Paul’s sounding board as she helps him along trying to solve the alleged murder.

The movie opens with Paul attempting to watch TV while doing a crossword puzzle but the opposite happens as the crossword puzzle and the TV end up watching Paul. Then his sleep is interrupted by Noel Gentil (Jacques Gamblin) who’s itching to reveal a secret.

This isn’t your typical whodunnit as it is more of a character study than a murder mystery. I don’t know why I enjoyed this as much as I did, maybe it was Chabrol’s directing style, or the acting between Paul and Francoise and Noel but nonetheless I did enjoy this even in the dry moments. And Jacques Gamblin does a great job playing Noel Gentil/Emile Luellet/Denis Leprince.

Go ahead, put some butter on the popcorn and gather up your favorite candies, sit back with a glass of wine and just take it all in.