St. Francis Sonoma Valley Zinfandel 2009 Montecillo Vinyards Kaarin’s Terrace

I really enjoy a good Zinfandel and sometimes they are hard to come by. The St. Francis Sonoma Valley 2009 Montecillo Vineyards Kaarin’s Terrace is one of my favorites. It has a good balance with good acidity, and a nice mouth feel. It isn’t a type of wine that stings the back of your palate but more of a smooth texture. I’ve tasted some bad Zinfandels in my travels but this isn’t one of them.

This is the kind of wine you really don’t want to re-cork as once you taste this you’ll probably decide to finish the bottle before the night’s over. Although this wine is pricey at $40 a bottle ($32 a bottle if you’re a wine club member) it’s worth the price of admission. It opens with blackberry, fig, plum, and hints of blueberry on the nose. Plum and blackberry are found on the palate with nuances of vanilla. I had this stand alone but would not hesitate to pair this food – steak, burgers, etc.