Best of Rhode Island Wineries for 2011

Seeing as I have not been able to get to any new wineries for quite awhile and given the price of gas here in New England the prospects of visiting the rest of the New England wineries I have not yet visited will have to be carefully planned out. So, instead I thought I would review the wineries of Connecticut and Rhode Island from last year’s visit of which I have been to at least the majority in each state. I have only been to about half of the wineries in Massachusetts and none in Vermont, New Hampshire, or Maine.

I decided I would have some fun and place the wineries into “best of” categories. The wineries/vineyards involved in this fun “best of” stuff include Diamond Hill Vineyard, Greenvale Vineyards, Langworthy Farm Winery, Newport Vineyards, and Sakonnet Vineyards. I tried twice to visit Shelalara but was unsuccessful in locating them so they are not included in the “best of” categories.

A number of the categories were as a result of the readers of this blog, so here goes:

Winery most like Napa Valley – Sakonnet

Most expensive winery (avg price of wine offered) – Langworthy

Least expensive winery (avg price of wine offered) – Diamond Hill

Best fruit wine – Diamond Hill for their blackberry wine (honorable mention – Newport for their Rhody Coyote Hard Apple Cider)

Best winery name – This was tough but I would choose between Diamond Hill and Sakonnet

Best winery staff – Diamond Hill because of the “stories” she told  (honorable mention – Greenvale also because of the”stories”)

Best stories – See “Best winery staff”

Most rustic winery – Greenvale (honorable mention – Langworthy)

Most passionate winery – Diamond Hill (honorable mention – Langworthy)

Best white wine – Sakonnet for their Vidal Blanc (honorable mention – Greenvale for their Rosecliff Pinot Gris)

Best red wine – Sakonnet for the Anniversary Claret (honorable mention – Newport for their Rochambeau)

Best Rose – Sakonnet for their Cabernet Franc Rose (honorable mention – Newport for their Rose of Cabernet)

Best Chardonnay – Sakonnet (honorable mention – Newport for their In The Buff Chardonnay)

Best summer wine – Greenvale for their Skipping Stone White (honorable mention – Newport for their Great White)

Most unusual wine – Newport for their Blaufrankish (honorable mention – Newport for their Tranquility)

Friendliest winery – Diamond Hill (honorable mention – Sakonnet)

Best wine selection – Sakonnet (honorable mention – Tie between Diamond Hill & Newport)

Wine that knocks your socks off – Sakonnet for their Reserve Port

Best view – Sakonnet (honorable mention – Greenvale)

Best wine logo – Greenvale (honorable mention – Sakonnet)

Best tasting room decor – Sakonnet (honorable mention – Greenvale)

Best tasting room fee – Diamond Hill (it was free)

Best looking grapevines – Sakonnet

Best wine bar – Sakonnet (the bar must fit a gazillion tasters at once)

Best wine glasses – Greenvale

Best outdoor area – Sakonnet (honorable mention – Greenvale)

Best wine labels – Sakonnet (honorable mention – Newport)

Best average Witless Whiner wine rating – Diamond Hill (honorable mention – Sakonnet)

Best “cork value” winery – Diamond Hill (honorable mention – Greenvale)

Best winery to spend the afternoon at – Sakonnet

Best overall RI winery – Sakonnet – based on the fantastic tasting room, gorgeous views, lots of picnic areas to sit and relax in, with a great wine list to choose from. (honorable mention – Diamond Hill – based on the fact they have a great porch to view their garden and relax with your favorite class of wine and listen to the owner’s stories)