Castellani Poggio Al Casone La Cattura 2006 Toscana

I’m not that familiar with the Teroldego (teh-ROHL-deh-goh) grape varietal so I found that this grape is very similar to the Zinfandel grape varietal. Most of the research I have done on this points to the growing region of Trentino-Alto-Adige in northeast Italy. Although it is considered to be a warm climate grape it thrives in the sunny patches of northern Italy. I know, I’m stumped too!

However, the La Cattura hails from the Tuscany region (in the wine guru world I gather this is not normal) and is aged in oak barrels for 12 months, this red wine is a blend of 90% Teroldego and 10% Syrah and has a deep purple color which opened with plum, raspberry, blackberry, and black & white pepper notes on the nose.

The flavors were of raspberry, cherry hard candy, ripe plum, coffee, strawberry jam, and hints of clove. This really had a lot going for it, in my mind anyway which is fodder for another story in the future 🙂

Pair this with almost any grilled meat – beef, pork, lamb, chicken. This wine goes well with pasta and marinara sauce. But my favorite is with pasta fagioli. I prefer the pasta fagioli with ditalini instead of farfalle, elbows, or any other small pasta they choose to use.

This just might be a staple on the table in this household as it is great at room temperature or 60-65 degrees. This bottle cost me $14.99 so it is an affordable wine to keep stocked in my wine cellar. I knew my rabbit’s foot I won at the Carnival was going to be lucky one day!