Foreign film – Argentina (2003).

An award winner at the San Sebastian Film Festival. The movie is based on the turbulent time of the military regime in Argentina during the 1970s. The plot does not focus on the activists of the era but what happened to the children of the activists.

Cristina, an affluent and almost perfect student, is summoned to the principal’s office and is escorted to a judge informing her that her real parents were taken from her when she was very young and were imprisoned. We first learned that Cristina’s adoptive parents found her on an abandoned train.

As a result, Cristina is taken from her adoptive parents and awarded to her paternal grandmother. Angry at first Cristina, born Sofia Lombardi, struggles to find out what really happened to her birth parents. In her journey she is brought to an old nurse, who remembers the situation quite well as it was during the time the Argentines won the world cup in 1978. The nurse retells the story to Cristina/Sofia that seems to turn Sofia toward her new destiny

She eventually warms to the idea of having a grandmother and cousins to grow up with. Although this is a heart warming story, it does have its slow moments but if you prevail I think you’ll enjoy this one.

It is believed that over 30,000 activists were imprisoned back then and to date 74 children have been found and returned to their birth families.