Holmberg Orchards & Farm Winery – 2012

Well I’m back on the wine trail again and my first official stop was to Holmberg Orchards & Farm Winery. Their wine menu was limited with four ciders to choose from along with a pear wine and a blueberry wine. Their Vidal Blanc is due out soon so I will have to get back here to try it out as I have been waiting a whole year to sample this wine.

As you can see when I arrived the welcome sign beckoned me to step right up and partake in some libations. As I entered the small building, Jen, the wine staff person cheerily greeted me on a partly sunny day that threatened showers at any moment. She asked if I wanted to try some wines (if she really knew me this would be a rhetorical question) and of course, you know what my answer was 🙂

Inside the tasting room, Holmberg’s can easily accommodate 8-10 wine tasters at a time. It’s fairly cozy inside and when I arrived no other tasters were close at hand. I asked Jen (yes, that’s her crouched down by the wine cooler getting the samples I would be trying) how it was going and she said it was a bit slow with maybe half a dozen tasters had been in so far. Seeing as it was around 3:30 in the afternoon I could understand how quiet of a day she was having. However, I must have been the good luck charm as shortly after I arrived, two young ladies came in. And as I was leaving, five more tasters were en-route to the small shed-like building.

Once in side the tasting room I did notice a bottle with what appeared to have something in it and upon closer examination I noticed a pear growing inside or should I say already grown. As you can see it is grown inside the bottle so pear brandy can be made. The brandy is made by Westford Hill Distillers and is quite unique and a great gift idea. Anyway, Holmberg grows the pears inside the bottle and Westford makes the brandy. I must try this out. But on to the wine tasting.

The first wine I tasted was the Pearfection Pear wine ($12.99) and it opened with pear and fresh cut hay on the nose. A nice pleasant pear taste followed almost like biting into a fresh ripe pear. Jen recommended this wine for seafood dishes. I would tend to agree.

Then I tried the Bleuphoria Blueberry wine ($17.99) and was quite delectable as this wasn’t strong on the blueberry flavor yet you knew this was a blueberry wine and the fruit was balanced on the palate much the same as a young red wine would.

Next up were the four ciders and all were at $7.99 with around 5-7% alcohol by volume. On their tasting menu were the Russet Hard Cider, English Draught Hard Cider, Cortland Hard Cider, and the MacIntosh Hard Cider. All of them portrayed apple aromas and flavors but each one had its own nuances.

The Cortland Hard Cider was the most effervescent reminding you of a bubbly sparkling wine. The MacIntosh Hard Cider was the sweetest of the four ciders I tried. The Russet Hard Cider tastes just like fresh apples in a fall harvest even though it’s still June.

This was my favorite cider from last year and will probably be my favorite this year as well. The English Draught might give the Russet a run for the money. This wine reminded me of apple juice – with a kick, just the thing you need to start your day.

Of course if you decide to call it a day and just want to enjoy the rest of your time sitting near the wine room you can stop in and purchase a bottle of your favorite Holmberg Orchards wine and enjoy the day. You might want to dry off the seats though, unless you’re a frog, in which case you shouldn’t be drinking wine at all.

Next week – Lost Acres Vineyard