Baker’s Dozen Jammy Pinot Noir NV

The color was a translucent red; the aroma was a mixture of red cherry, raspberry, and Concord grape juice on the nose. A concoction of fruits in a semi-sweet to sweet flavors of red raspberry, red cherry, red currant, and red plum. The brown sugary finish was limited which didn’t last very long and just fizzled out real quick but that sugary after taste lingered way too long.

I attempted to have this with a turkey, bread stuffing, garlic-mashed potatoes, and sweet potato dinner – but in my anticipation to try this before the meal I realized this would not be my wine of choice for a turkey meal.

Although there are a multitude of Pinot Noirs that would pair well with a traditional turkey dinner, the Baker’s Dozen Jammy Pinot Noir failed to produce a delectable memory for me and may have thus tarnished the traditional turkey meal for future occasions. I knew I should have opted for the Chianti and spaghetti marinara.

At $9.99 a bottle it is way below the average cost of a Pinot Noir; it was also way below in character too. This reminded me more of a dessert wine and just may have been better at the end of the meal instead of its complement. Come to think of it, this wine could substitute for the cranberry in a traditional turkey meal:) This wine tastes more like a jam than a wine. But if you like sweet wine then you’d probably like this one.