Messapicus 2001 Primitivo di Manduria

I picked this wine up on a recommendation from the wine store I visit on occasion. It cost $12 and has an alcohol by volume of 14%.

Although I’ve had this for awhile (I still have about 60 bottles of wine in my cellar that I have yet to try) I figured now was as good a time as any.

Once poured it exhibited a deep purple color with nose notes reminiscent of black licorice, tar, leather, and earthy tones.  So far, so good.

On the palate I found blackberry, dark plum, black raspberry with a hint of dark cherries. It did have a nice velvety smooth finish but it didn’t last as long as I would have hoped for.

I had this stand alone so I would presume this would go with hearty pasta dishes, game meats, lamb (although I can think of some other wines in my cellar I would prefer with lamb).

The wine was good but it didn’t quite hit my flavor palate so the value of the wine for the price is lower than average.