Holmberg Orchards Russet Hard Cider

On occasion I like something other than a glass of wine, sparkling or otherwise and a hard cider fits the bill. What I like about the Holmberg Orchard’s Russet Hard Cider is the tartness as I prefer this over a sweet cider. Sweet ciders have their moments, especially in the summer months when you want to blend it with fresh fruit to make “adult Kool-Aid”. But seeing as this is winter, a cider with a bit more tartness is in order when you’re not in the mood for a glass of wine, champagne, beer, whiskey, scotch, cognac, martini, or any other libation.

What I like about tart ciders is they can be paired with just about any sort of appetizers or snacks. Pretzels are my preferred choice of snacks while watching a good movie, reading a great book, or just hanging around. This particular cider has about 7% alcohol by volume and costs around $9. Obviously this has aromas and flavors of apples and the perfect complement for snacking. Sometimes this is just what the doctor ordered 🙂