Rosedale Vineyards Serendipity

There are times I’m just looking for a decent white wine as a simple complement to a fairly simple meal. So I went into the basement where I keep all my wine (unless of course they’re open, in which case they’re upstairs in the pantry – uh, that would be for the red wine, so the whites are always kept in the chiller) and seeing as I didn’t have any opened bottles of white wine I chose a local wine that I had not had in a while. I just happened to choose the Serendipity from Rosedale Vineyards.

Made with 100% Riesling grapes, this local Connecticut wine opened with fresh apple and peach notes (about equal between the apple and peach aromas) on the nose and with spring around the corner this was a very pleasing aroma. On the palate were orange peel, peach, green apple, honey and mineral flavors. The finish wasn’t long but it wasn’t short either – maybe just right. This paired quite well with shrimp pesto over angel hair pasta.