Entry Level

Dramedy – 2007.

Clay Maguire suddenly finds himself unemployed after his restaurant closed up shop. Once out in the job market the realization sets in and he finds he does not have the skills needed to land a new job. The movie is quite comical when in interview after interview we see the same group of “unemployed groupies” vying for each job and in the process they begin to bond. So, what is this movie telling us – chase your dreams! There are some comical twists and turns that will get you to smiling and maybe even make you start to laugh. Add in a box each of Goobers, Jujubes, and Dots.

I Do: How To Get Married And Stay Single

Foreign romantic comedy – French (2006).

Luis, creates perfume aromas for a living, quite successfully while staying single. However, his meddling mother and sibling sisters are tired of Luis being single and taking care of his needs. After a G7 decision (a family way of democratic decision-making) it has been decided that the women of the family are going to fix their brother up with the perfect wife. Luis grows tired of their meddling and decides to enter in a contract to hire a “girlfriend” so his boisterous family will stop the charade. The rest I will let you discover on your own. Add in a box of Good and Plenty, a box of Goobers, and a box Dots.

Cop Out

Crime thriller comedy (2010).

Partners Jimmy and Paul get involved with drug lords over a vintage 1950’s baseball card. Jimmy was in the process of selling the precious card to help pay for his daughter’s $48,000 plus big wedding when he is rendered helpless by two amateur thieves with tasers. This zany movie follows the antics of two suspended cops played by Bruce Willis and Tracy Morgan. Add in a box of Good and Plenty, and a box of Juicy Fruits.

The perfect wine for this screwball zany movie is the 2009 Wrongo Dongo Monastrell with a red cherry cough drop aroma mixed with tobacco and earth aromas. Flavors abound with cherry, blueberry, and spice with a mocha finish. Zany…


Osso Bucco

Independent film – 2008.

Jelly Dinotto is a gangster but he isn’t happy about it. After a foul up by Jelly he is told by the godfather to travel with his cousin, Nick. Jelly smells a trap for his demise and requests that he and Nick go to his favorite restaurant so he can have his last meal – the Osso Bucco. While at the restaurant a brewing snowstorm has approached and they are further thwarted by two under cover cops destined to bring them to justice. While snow bound the occupants get a little restless. A cute comedy of sorts.

Soul Kitchen

A story about a down ‘n out diner called Soul Kitchen (2009). Zinos, a German-Greek chef is the owner of the diner and he decides to hire a more established chef to boost his restaurant. What unfolds is beyond his dream to turn the failing diner into a place where Bon Appetit is the phrase of choice. Ah, but enters (from stage left) brother Illias to foil Zinos’ dream however the bond between the two brothers is strong and Zinos manages to overcome some steep hurdles with the help of ex-girlfriend, Nadine. This story starts off really slow but does pick up and then I was hooked. I enjoyed the music score too, almost made me want to get up and dance. The feet were tappin’ though. This isn’t a movie that will knock your socks off or to write home about but it is a cute, zany romantic comedy sure to bring a smile to your face. The characters really complemented each other.

A Rash Of Bad Movies

I came across a rash of bad movies for about a month and instead of reviewing them weekly I thought I would be kind and put them all in one post to save you the agony. The following movies are rated under 2 popcorn boxes (if it’s under the 2 popcorn boxes rating it isn’t worth watching in my opinion) for the following reasons or combination of reasons: the movies had no real story line, acting was horrible, they were boring, I had trouble figuring out the plot, there was no plot or I fell asleep.

A Pain in the Ass: A 2008 French comedy where nothing here was funny. The concept was funny but the movie was not. A hit man gets thwarted by a suicidal man every time he attempts to carry out his assignment. The only thing funny here was that I watched this for 40 minutes. 1 popcorn box, no butter, no boxes of anything else – unless you’re really hungry.

Italian For Beginners: Danish (2000) and the only thing I can say is it was boring. I only watched 10 minutes and I couldn’t take it anymore. Can I give less than a 1/2 popcorn box?

Kitchen Stories: This Norwegian (2004) film based off an earlier (1950’s) documentary about comradeship and camaraderie starts off really slow and it doesn’t get much better. An observer sits in a large chair (Lily Tomlin style) in the corner of the kitchen of the person being observed. I can only say – boring and not much dialog. 1/2 popcorn box.

In Therapy: A 2009 Brazilian film about a middle-aged wife and mother telling all on the therapist’s couch. Mulling over her decisions about her life starts out sort of dull and doesn’t stop there as it ended dull. I can’t believe I watched the entire movie. 1 popcorn box.

Home: French (2008). Living on the side of an unused highway, life is pretty good until one day the highway is resurrected, life for the family changes forever. It’s kind of a zany movie with the antics of the dysfunctional family. Soon, the family becomes obsessed with blocking the traffic noise so this movie never really took off. 1 popcorn box.

The Death Of Mr. Lazarescu: Romanian (2006). Billed as an ailing man waiting for his illness to finally take him over he is apparently shuffled from hospital to hospital waiting for the inevitable.  I can’t tell you more than this as I could only get through the first eight minutes, yah it was that bad. Zero popcorn boxes, refer to my last statement – it was that bad.

Don’t waste your time with these movies at all unless you’re compelled out of curiosity. And if I come across more I’ll save them for a future post and group the bad ones together again.

Sherman’s Way

Indie comedy – 2008.

Sherman, a Yale law student is on his own after being dumped by his girlfriend. To make matters worse, Mom cuts him off the family money and he is faced with dilemma after dilemma. Not sure whether or not he wants to pursue law he gets some unexpected advice from an ex-ski champion, Palmer. Sherman is shown a different course of decision-making he is unaccustomed to but in order to survive he needs to lighten up. This movie starts kind of slow but gets a bit better in the last third of the movie. It’s predictable, cute and probably a good feel movie although I had trouble with it.

Recien Cazado

Foreign romance – Spanish (2009).

A bachelor in every sense of the word, is warned about his frivolous lifestyle by his family, who are obviously worried about him. One morning, Sebastian (the bachelor) wakes up from a night out with a gorgeous woman, Alexa and flips when he finds out they’re husband and wife. He immediately tries to convince Alexa he isn’t the right guy for her. Here’s the predictable part -Sebbie falls for Alexa, but there’s an evil twist at the end, a prank if you will, but you know I can’t reveal that here don’t you?


Upbeat comedic drama (2010).

Frank Moses seemingly is a normal person and is becoming smitten, via telephone, with an IRS tax clerk. Frank keeps on ripping up his refund check so he can get to talk with his new found love. After the first fifteen minutes of the film we finally realize Frank is no ordinary tax collecting citizen. As a matter of fact, he’s a retired black-ops professional. When it becomes apparent they’re (someone with a grudge) after him and the tax lady, twists and turns abound in this light-hearted feature with a great cast of Bruce Willis, Mary-Louise Parker, Morgan Freeman, John Malkovich, and one of my favorites – Helen Mirren.

This is a great movie to watch on a rainy afternoon with a glass or two of wine – ah, “Red” wine of course. Add a box of Sno-Caps, a box of Goobers, a box of Milk Duds, a box of Raisinets, and a box Junior Mints. And go ahead, put butter on the popcorn if you wish.

The wine pairing for this movie is the 2008 Argento Mendoza Malbec with blackberry fruit, clove, and bacon on the nose. The flavors are of mixed dark berries and fig. Should pair well with the above mentioned chocolate candies.


Foreign film – French.

This cute film stars Audrey Tautou (one of the best actresses ever) where chance is the name of the game. Paths cross again and again as several individuals are tempted by fate and are on a course to find their true soul mate. If you believe in horoscopes, love at first sight and you’re an adventurous romantic then this film is for you. A really good movie for a rainy Saturday afternoon. 3 popcorn boxes and a box of Jujubes.