The Fountain/The Man From Earth

This is a special double feature of Sci-Fi dramas.

The Fountain

Hugh Jackman plays a doctor, a Spaniard, and a 26th-century astronaut. This movie combines reality with the surreal. I like the way the director mixed the two concepts for us to see the inner mind. A bit out there if you know what I mean but I enjoyed this nonetheless. 3 1/2 popcorn boxes.

The Man From Earth

A college professor decides to tell all that he does not age to a small group of colleagues.  Philosophical renditions on immortality get you to think differently. It’s interesting to see the dynamics of a group of believers and non-believers alike. 4 Popcorn boxes. You’ll definitely drink more wine watching this movie..

The State Within

British TV, a BBC production.

Mark Brydon, British ambassador to Washington, DC finds himself amidst a political conspiracy when a plane bound for the United Kingdom explodes. After an investigation it was determined that a British Muslim set off the bomb through an electronic device. What follows may be a catastrophic shift in political power. This was a well-done made for TV series. It is comprised of seven episodes and after each episode you cannot wait to see the next one with the last episode and proverbial surprise ending will have you thinking where do they go from this point. You really don’t know if someone is on your side or not. A lot of twists and turns. Although this is almost six hours long (I watched this over a two day span) it is well worth watching. I give this 5+ popcorn boxes. Rent it for the holiday weekend..

Phoebe In Wonderland


A young girl envisions characters from Alice in Wonderland as she struggles with a syndrome beyond her control. The interactions between the mother and the girl are moving as all attempt to grasp what she is going through.  If nothing more this movie had great acting by several members of the cast. The girl playing Phoebe stole your breath away. A great movie, 4 popcorn boxes..


Drama based on real life.

Independent film based on real life events in England. Albert Pierrepoint takes up his father’s trade as a hangman while disguised as a grocery deliveryman. As he strives to be the best at this trade, his secret is unveiled while citizens are both for and against what he stands for. 

I was really moved by Timothy Spall’s portrayal of the life of a hangman. Although the political ramifications are dark it was still a compelling movie despite its macabre portraits of death. I gave this movie 5 popcorn boxes and a box of Jujubes. Don’t let the kiddies watch this though..

Secondhand Lions

Not an Indie or foreign film but I love Michael Caine & Robert Duvall and I think you will enjoy this too. The duo play eccentric uncles and host their nephew for a summer. The boy is mesmerized by the uncles’ adventures while the mother believes there is hidden treasure somewhere on the two brothers’ estate which is set in the 1960’s . A really good movie. I give this 4 ½ popcorn boxes and a great movie for the wee ones..

The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo

A French whodunnit where the secrets of the Vanger clan are unraveled by a reporter and young tech hacker to crack some gruesome findings. This is not a movie for kids under the age of 18. The minute the movie starts you are riveted to the screen amidst some twists and turns. I give this 4 1/2 popcorn boxes..