Priceless/The Ultimate Heist

April is double feature presentation month.


Foreign comedy – French.

Irene (played by Audrey Tautou, a staple in French comedies) lives to deprive men of their riches. When she seduces Jean, she’s unaware that he is a bartender where she is currently a guest. Irene finally realizes she’s made a terrible miscalculation but poor Jean has become enamored with the charming Irene. There are some twists and turns in this French comedy but if you have nobody to see, nowhere to go, or nothing to do, then this movie will help you pass the day. 3 1/2 popcorn boxes.

The Ultimate Heist

Foreign thriller – French.

Jean Reno (one of my favorites) is cast as Milo, head of the Malakian clan emigrated from Armenia during the Turkish wars. Anton Malakian, Milo’s son, does not want to follow in his father’s footsteps and falls in love with the nurse that comes to his father’s estate to treat his grandmother. To begin a new life, Anton must end the old one. He conspires with his father to commit one final and ultimate heist – one that will free him forever. Jean Reno is in a role that I am not used to seeing him in but he pulls it off anyway. 3 1/2 popcorn boxes.

Amelie/Sophie Scholl: The Final Days

April is double feature presentation month.


Foreign comedy – French.

Living alone, a mischievous imp Amelie, discovers by happenstance an old tin box full of toys. She sets out to track down its original owner and return the contents not knowing who the owner is. Through due diligence and in the process she’s also inclined to spark more fun-filled benevolence and acts of generosity that will keep a smile on your face the entire movie. We should all look more closely at our surroundings to catch a glimpse of the little things that make up this world as they are precious. 4 popcorn boxes.

Sophie Scholl: The Final Days

Foreign drama – German.

Based on true events, Sophie Scholl, her brother, and a friend are arrested for treason by distributing leaflets at the university and for aiding and participating in the White Rose resistance. This is an emotional film detailing the German justice system during World War II delineating the steps of the arrest, interrogation, trial, and sentencing and the German sentiment toward the war. 4 popcorn boxes..

Calendar Girls

Indie Comedy/Drama.

Women of the Rylstone Women’s Institute of North Yorkshire get innovative as they bare-all in a philanthropic endeavor when one of its member’s husband is diagnosed with cancer. Changing the scenery for their yearly calendar from the typical hill and dale Yorkshire country side to something candidly risque proves a smash hit. This remarkable movie stars Helen Mirren. 4 1/2 popcorn boxes and a box of whatever suits your fancy..

The Jane Austen Book Club

Romantic drama.

A book club consisting of five women and one man read books authored by Jane Austen. This modern day setting finds the club members mirror many of the novels they are reading. I chose this movie on a whim because I was hoping it would be an okay movie as it sounded good through its description. Well, the acting was superb and the characters fed off each other. This is a feel-good movie even the kiddies could watch though I’ll presume they’ll get bored and amuse themselves in the latest trend of toys leaving you to enjoy the movie in peace and quiet. This turned out to be an exceptional movie, although it was quite predictable. 4 1/2 popcorn boxes..