Another Earth

A 2011 independent film tells a story of a young teenager, Rhoda Williams, on her way to MIT to explore the galaxies of other worlds. She’s bright, talented, and has exceptional qualities. John Burroughs on the other hand is married with a child and another on the way, is on the top of his profession as a composer. He’s bright, talented, and has exceptional qualities.

However, on the eve of discovering another earth just outside of the moon’s shadow an accident happens killing Burroughs’ wife and family while young Rhoda goes to jail for the crime. Once out and on probation, Rhoda lands a cleaning job as a janitor at the local high school.

Compelled to say she’s sorry to John for the accident, Rhoda couldn’t find it in her to tell him the truth. So, she becomes his house cleaner and the two engage into an unlikely affair she knows is wrong but is helpless to stop. The affair is too much for Rhoda to bear so she tells him the story. John almost chokes her to death.

Meanwhile, during the affair Rhoda enters a contest to win a ticket to travel to Another Earth and she wins and decides to offer John the ticket. Rhoda’s theory is that John’s family is alive and well on the new earth – oh, did I forget to mention when the new earth was discovered its inhabitants were duplicates of what we have on this earth. Okay, now that the cat’s out of the bag, there’s a surprise ending.



I first put this movie into my instant queue as I thought it was a Sci-fi movie. However, when I started watching it I thought I was watching a documentary. So, I almost turned it off as I was in the mood for a Sci-fi flick, not a documentary.

I realized the movie was about two documentary filmmakers discovering a conspiracy with the government – enter the Sci-fi movie.

It appears that moon people (humans really but they live on the moon) are involved in time travel through the Church of Lunopolis (ohhh, sound familiar, Bollywood fans?) as this discreet organization protects the moon people.

There were some really neat parts of this movie that amazed you and you could almost believe this is a Sci-fi documentary and people do exist on the moon deciding our fate. A bit tongue & cheek at times but enjoyable nonetheless.

I Am Number Four

Based on the 2010 novel, John Smith is one of nine Lorics (aliens) living on planet Earth. Each of the nine aliens also have a guardian called a Cepan to protect them as best they can. Each of the nine members of the Garde have special powers called Legacies which are mentored by their respective Cepan.

Enter the Mogadorians, hideous creatures with really sharp teeth, out to annihilate the Lorics but the caveat is the nine aliens have to be terminated in numerical order. There’s something to be said about being Number Nine.

The movie (2011) opens with Number Three getting done in by the guys in the black capes and it pans to Daniel Jones (aka, Number Four) leaving the State of Florida en-route to Paradise, OH. Now known as John Smith, Number Four decides he wants to stay put and not run anymore. Did I mention he met the cute girl?

The Lorics all have different special powers called “Legacies” and combined they can be a powerful lot to contend with. Number Four and Number Six “find” each other through telekinesis (they all have this power) and defeat the Moga-bad doers. Four and Six head out on a journey to gather up the other Lorics in their attempt to settle down. This has the makings of a sequel, so Sci-Fi followers, stay tuned.

In Time

Set in a distant utopian “time zone” in the middle of the 22nd century, people stop aging at 25 (boy, was I born in the wrong century). Ah, there is a slight stipulation though as once you reach 25 you have one year left to live, unless of course you begin to amass “time” then it’s conceivable to live for a very long time.

Will Salas (Justin Timberlake) vows revenge as his mother runs out of time controlled by the New Greenwich time zone.  Granted a generous “time” gift, Will leaves the ghetto of Dayton to travel through the time zones to avenge his mother’s death.

Once in New Greenwich, Will visits a “time” businessman and wins over a century of time in a poker game with one second to spare (now that’s cutting it a bit close) and Sylvia Weis, the daughter’s “time” tycoon invites Will back to the estate for a party.

Well, once at the party, The Minutemen (timekeepers of time) wreak havoc at the party and as a result, Will loses all but two hours of time. So, Will decides to abduct Sylvia and takes her back to the ghettos of Dayton where they run dangerously close to extinction but manage to prevail. Their goal is to give everyone the “time” they need. How to do that – rob the banks of “time”.

This futuristic “Bonnie & Clyde” is predictable but enjoyable to watch – you may want to skip the butter option on the popcorn as you may not have enough time…


The Thing

The 2011 prequel to the 1982 film of the same title tells the story of a group of Norwegian research scientists discovering an alien spacecraft deep in the ice. I can tell you’ve already figured out the plot but here goes anyway.

Dr. Sander Halvorson seeks out graduate student, Kate Lloyd to join the recovery team so they can understand what they’ve discovered. Yes, murder and mayhem is lively in this flick as mistrust is the theme as everyone tries to survive The Thing.

A power struggle develops between the evil scientist and the grad student to keep the group as safe as can be. The evil scientist wants to preserve The Thing but Kate wants it destroyed as The Thing wants to destroy them. Okay, I can understand the plot.

For a prequel that was made many years after the sequel pulled off a pretty good Sci-Fi flick keeping your interest and on the edge of your seat. I liked this one better than the 1982 remake of the classic 1951 James Arness’ portrayal of The Thing from Another World.

You’ll definitely want popcorn with this and put some butter on it as well. Yeah, add in some candy bars too.


This 2010 flop is reminiscent of your typical B movie, maybe even a B- is more like it. Young adults against the powerful machine regenerating aliens spewing blue light that almost wipes out mankind save for Jarrod (even the hero’s name is so typical) who fights back by becoming a machine – do I need to torture you further? Nah, don’t waste your time unless you’re a die hard Sci-Fi fanatic like me. Ah, no butter on the popcorn nor do you get any candy.

Source Code

Sci-fi, 2011.

Recruited for a special project, Beleaguered Castle, Commander Coulter Stevens attempts to thwart a terrorist bombing on a morning train into Chicago’s hub. He is transported via “time reassignment” not to be confused with time travel. When time reassignment occurs there are two caveats: one is the duration is only an eight minute time span, the second is that he occupies a different body belonging to Sean Fentress while reliving the traumatic experience over and over. Goodwin, a fellow officer, is his anchor between reality and time reassignment. She continually encourages him to find the bomber while reminding him that time is short. Add in a box of Dots, a box of Raisinets, a box of Juicy Fruits, and a box of Milk Duds.


Sci-fi, comedy – 2010.

Two Brits finally take a holiday across the pond to hopefully find the answer to alien life. While visiting the many sci-fi tourist traps in Nevada they meet the elusive green creature most have only dreamed of. Paul, who’s on the lam from the establishment is desperate to get back to the mother ship. The lads, with new girlfriend in tow, vow to help their new found alien “phone home”. As a side note, the alien connection cross paths with an angry father, two inept CIA agents, and some “out of this world” characters makes this a pleasant movie to watch on a rainy afternoon. I enjoyed this much more than I thought I would. Have a box of Jujubes along with the popcorn.


This 2008 noir film is a suspense filled Sci-Fi thriller from start to finish and if you’re a Sci-Fi nut like me you’ll enjoy this one. It took me awhile but I finally figured out what was going on and I enjoyed this immensely. But then again I love Sci-Fi movies. It takes place in two intertwined worlds. A vigilante is on a quest to defeat his foe in Meanwhile City and students in present day London mix channels with his world. The characters of each psychological universe begin to unfold and similarities surface giving the viewer the answers to a surprising ending.

Freaky Faron

This 2006 Sci-Fi flick tells the story of an 11 year old girl who tried to kill a weatherman but somehow failed. After five years in a mental facility she is released. Faron tries to live a normal life but is asked from time to time to “help out” because of her special abilities. Faron befriends a couple of younger girls while some unexplained events are occurring in the neighborhood. Faron turns from teenager into a full fledged gumshoe as she unravels the mystery that could provide her with the proof that she isn’t crazy. I tried this on a whim not knowing what to expect as seeing as I’m a Sci-Fi nut and I thought I’d give it a whirl. Add in a box of Jujubes and a box of Dots.